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Ultimate Tax is a business in the US which offers its clients professional tax software. This software is ideal for both new and experienced tax preparers. They are a leader in the professional tax industry. They offer a free evaluation and three great packages to choose from, these are the Basic20, Procollect and Premium. They use safe and reliable software which will protect your data and keep it safe. It offers premium year round support from its support staffs.  All of their staff has knowledge of the latest tax regulations. They will help you to convert your data from programs such as TaxWise to Ultimate Tax. Visit Ultimate Tax for the best professional tax service.

The Basic20 plan only costs $397; in this plan you can get 20 E-Files, a 365 service, 3 state modules, automatic renewals and plenty more. The Procollect plan costs $497, this plan includes a fee collection option, all state modules and you can collect your fees from the customers refund. Finally, the Premium plan costs $597 and includes unlimited E-Files, loan advanced products, bank products rebates and is used by a high volume of preparers. All of the plans include the 35 service, no hassle automatic renewals, ultimate cash and launch pad; as well as many other services. When completing your purchase you can add the corporate module to any plan, but it has to be done at this time.

Additional add-ons that they offer would include the vault, the corporate module and pay roll. They vault costs between $299 and $499, it’s an archive software bundle with all states; with this you can prepare returns for up to the next £10 years. It’s simple to download and once it has been purchased they will provide you with digital access into your account. The corporate module which costs $200, it provides Profit from the higher income returns by offering Partnership, Corporation.  It includes access to 1065, 1120, 1120S, 990 and some other forms. Adding this to plans when you buy you software means you save money. The pay roll costs $299, this will help to bring in new clients and increase profits, as it offers complete and professional payroll services. it allows you to print employee pay checks and generate direct deposits with ease using the straightforward, flexible interface. They also offer banking information and tax industry education. The baking information offers payment aid to your customers and it means that they will not need to pay any upfront fees. The tax industry education offers an online course; this is because Ultimate Tax has teamed up with APlusCPE to be able to provide continuing education for tax practitioners who are at entry level.